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Allendale Covers

GenieChef™ Allendale Casebound Stitched Menu Covers are a premium quality rigid cover with inside cafe style pockets. Our Allendale Menu Covers are a rich and beautiful high end rigid cover with padding and with inside cafe style pockets. They are made from premium synthetic supported leather that is turned under and stitched over a padded stiff durable binder board with matching leatherette lining to produce an upscale, rigid, padded, and durable cover made to last for years. The perfect addition to the distinguished fine dining establishment.

While the quality of GenieChef™ products is second to none, don't be fooled by our low prices, which are lower than the imports! We manufacture in our own factory, control the quality and materials, and we do not use or pay a China export middleman. GenieChef™ brings you USA engineered products at prices better than imports.

GenieChef™, a look you'll be proud of, quality you can depend on, and a price that is magic!