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GenieChef™ Aprons are made out of one of our two custom poly-cotton blend fabrics or our custom 100% polyester fabric. Our fabrics are woven on our own looms to our exacting specifications and made into an apron that looks clean and professional and holds up to continual laundering. The colors are made to stay fast and won't stain like ordinary cotton, and a GenieChef™ apron feels comfortable, looks great, lasts long, and saves you money.

While the quality of GenieChef™ products is second to none, don't be fooled by our low prices, which are lower than the imports! We manufacture in our own factory, control the quality and materials, and we do not use or pay a China export middleman. GenieChef™ brings you USA engineered products at prices better than imports.

GenieChef™, a look you'll be proud of, quality you can depend on, and a price that is magic!