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Become a GenieChef™ Reseller

We take great pride in manufacturing top quality products and back them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you purchase product for resale to restaurants and are interested in wholesale pricing on GenieChef™ products with huge discounts off the suggested retail pricing on this site, then please fill out the form below or contact us at We inventory the product so you don't have to. We can either ship to you, then you to your customer, or we can drop ship to your customer. Your choice.

You do not need to inventory anything. There are no minimum orders. Our Quality is Guaranteed. We have a broad selection of items and colors. Items are in stock in Rochester, New York for Immediate Delivery. And because GenieChef™ not only says we manufacture our own products, we actually do manufacture our products, we can offer our resellers a price that truly is unbeatable and at a quality that is second to none.

GenieChef™ manufactures quality products for some of the largest and most well know dealers, distributors, and resellers in the United States. All it takes to get wholesale pricing and start offering GenieChef™ products to your customers is call to 585-232-8099 . All sales from the GenieChef site are passed to our dealers, so why not have the sales go through you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Whether you are a restaurant supply dealer or distributor, a restaurant consultant, a print shop that prints menus for restaurants, an embroiderer that embroiders aprons and apparel for restaurants, or if you are an independent sales representative serving restaurants, GenieChef™ has a look you'll be proud of, quality you can depend on, and a price that is MAGIC!!. GenieChef™ has built its business with resellers and channel partners. We depend on our resellers and channel partners, and they can depend on us, and so can you. All GenieChef™ sales go through resellers, and we never get between you and your customer. Never!

For a list of resellers in your area please call 1-585-232-8099.

Thank you for your interest! We'll be contacting you shortly regarding becoming a GenieChef™ reseller!

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